Rudsak furs: a Canadian heritage


A Canadian Heritage

On my latest trip to Montreal, I splurged on this furry piece by longstanding Canadian brand Rudsak.  My love of fur dates way back to my early childhood, when the scent of my grand-mother’s perfume embedded in her fur coat etched my memory. 

I recall being fascinated by the allure and feel of her furs.  In them I  found sophistication, opulence and comfort. A sense of grandeur.

I have since managed my very own little collection of furs.  Among them is a vintage family heirloom which still bears my grandmother’s name stitched into the lining.  Mr B surprised me with an appointment to have it redesigned by Mariouche’s team at Harricana.

Fur hasn’t always enjoyed a good reputation.  But responsible sourcing, its lifespan as a textile, and recycling combined arguably make Canadian fur appealing at a time when fast fashion has fuelled mass production of poor quality garments that find the grave within a mere season.

Plus, as my friends the grazing cows and horses will tell you, nothing beats fur on a frigid Canadian winter day.

For more Truth About Canadian Fur please take a minute to visit the Fur Council of Canada’s website.













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