L’incontournable white Tee

L’incontournable white tee

Le t-shirt blanc. Over a century ago this simple vetement was worn solely by men as an undergarment. Decades later the white t-shirt made it’s way on top and has become a beloved unisex staple.

A perfect blank canvas, there are infinite versions of this indemodable basic to contemplate.  As for me, whether it’s 100% cotton yarn, high quality jersey or modal, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect fit. I tend to go for the all white classic, occasionally landing on an ornate one as introduced here. Featured in the fall/winter 2017 collaboration between Georgia-based label N-DUO and entrepreneur Anum Bashir aka Desert Mannequin, this camel tee is a clin d’oeil to my adopted home, the Middle East.








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